Parting out a 1985 BMW K100RT

This is my personal bike that I have own for many years. I purchased it with 587 miles. It now has 40,476 miles. Services by a BMW Dealer while under warranty. Well maintained thereafter. There is nothing wrong with the bike. The color is Baja Red (578). The bike is registered, and was inspected before it was parted out. This bike has never had any major problems. Mainly just maintenance. The bike has been parked in a garage when I arrived at home. Covered in the Winter. Never been wreaked or tipped over.

If you have questions you can call me at work (9-4 EST M-F) at (888) 475-5044. On weekends and evenings I can be reached at (518) 756-6207. Parts can be picked up, or I can ship them by FedEx for actual shipping cost. We can ship ground or overnight.

Payments can be done by PayPal, check or cash. All items are used and sold "as is" and the purchasers accepts all defects known or unknown at the time of purchase. No returns allowed.

BMW K100 Full Engine - $495

bmw k100 engine
bmw k100 engine
This is a complete K100 engine. It has the rare factory European camshaft. This engine includes, starter, alt, injectors, throttle bodies, air cleaner box, coils, coil covers, injector harness, clutch, clutch housing, throttle cable, choke cable, engine bolts, and header piples. A new air cleaner has been installed. Oil will be drained before shipping.


bmw k100 drive shaft
bmw k100 drive shaft
This K100 drive shaft is in excellent shape. The universal joint does not have any movement. The splines are also excellent. (16 tooth)

BMW K100 Rear Rim - $99

bmw k100 rear rim and tire
This includes the rear rim and tire. The tire has very little mileage on it.

BMW K100 handlebars - $75

bmw k100 handlebars
Handlebars are straight. End-weights are included.

BMW K100 left grip clutch assembly - $45

bmw k100 left handlebar grip assembly clutch
Includes left grip, switches, electronics.

BMW K100 front fender - $100

bmw k100 front fender
Front fender - Color is Baja Red (#578)

BMW K100 rear fender - $25

bmw k100 rear fender
Rear plastic fender

BMW K100 rear tail section - $250

bmw k100 rear tail section
bmw k100 rear tail seat section
Includes rear tail piece, tail light, turn signals, luggange rack, cover. color is Baja Red (#578)

BMW K100 center stand and side stand - $85

bmw k100 center stand and side stand
Includes center stand and the side stand. Little wear on the bottom pipes.

BMW K100 LEFT foot bracket - $40

bmw k100 left foot bracket
Left foot bracket. Includes both foot pegs.

BMW K100 Full Engine - $495 - AVAILABLE

K100 Drive Shaft - $99 - AVAILABLE

BMW K100 Rear Rim - $99 - AVAILABLE

BMW K100 Handlebars - $75 - AVAILABLE

BMW K100 Clutch Grip Assembly - $45 - AVAILABLE

BMW K100 Front Fender - $75 - AVAILABLE

BMW K100 Rear Fender - $25 - AVAILABLE

BMW K100 Tail Piece - $250- AVAILABLE

BMW Center and Side Stand - $85 - AVAILABLE

BMW K100 LEFT foot peg bracket - $40 - AVAILABLE

Swing Arm - $40 - AVAILABLE

BMW K100 Computer & Tray - $100 - SOLD

BMW K100 CDI Ignition Module - $75 - SOLD

BMW K100 Radiator - $75 - SOLD

BMW K100 Throttle Grip Assy - $75 - SOLD

Nady PMC-3X Intercom - $50 - SOLD

BMW K100 Frame with clean Title - $175 SOLD

BMW K100 Transmission - $235 - SOLD

Rear Brake Master Cylinder - $25 - SOLD

BMW K100 Rear Brake Caliper - $40 - SOLD

BMW K100 Forks - $200 - SOLD

BMW K100RT Fairing - $495 - SOLD

Front Brake Calipers - $40/each - SOLD

BMW Wiring Harness - $175 - SOLD

BMW K100 RIGHT foot peg bracket - $40 - SOLD

BMW K100 Ignition Switch & Bracket - $40 - SOLD

Right side cover - $50 - SOLD

Left side cover - $50 - SOLD

K100RT Corbin Seat - $350 - SOLD

Rear Fender Tail Piece - SOLD

Saddle bags w/w mounts - $300 - SOLD

Rear Shock - $60 - SOLD

Muffler - $75 - SOLD

K100RT Gas Tank - $200 - SOLD

BMW K100 Front Rim - $150 - SOLD

BMW K100 Speedometer cluster unit - $100 - SOLD

BMW K100 Final Drive - $195 - SOLD

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