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Gender Changers

Our gender changer are the mini-style gender changer that take a small amount of space. The gender changers are available in DB-9, DB-15, DB-25, DB-37, and HP-15. The gender changes come with 4/40 hex nuts, which can be used or removed.
DB9 Gender Benders
Part No DB-9 Gender Changers List Price Each Tray (100)
15050 DB-9 Male-to-Male Gender Changer $5.95 $1.00
15060 DB-9 Female-to-Female Gender Changer 5.95 $1.00
Part No HD-15 (VGA Style) Gender Changes List Price Each Tray (100)
15090 HD-15 (VGA Style) Female-to-Female Gender Changer $9.95 $2.00
15100 HD-15 (VGA Style) Male-to-Male Gender Changer 9.95 $2.00
Part No DB-25 Gender Changes List Price Each Tray 50)
15070 DB-25 Male-to-Male Gender Changer $6.95 $1.40
15080 DB-25 Female-to-Female Gender Changer 6.95 $1.40
Part No DB-37 Gender Changes List Price Each Tray
15130 DB-37 Male-to-Male Gender Changer $14.95 $4.00

MaxBit gender changers are also known as, gender changer, gender benders, mini gender changers, mini gender benders, DB-9 gender changer, DB-15 gender changer, DB-25 gender changer, DB-37 gender changer, DB-50 gender changer, HP-15 gender changer, HP-26 gender changer, HP-44 gender changer, HP-62 gender changer, HP-78 gender changer.

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